Our Service Offering

Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals provide clients with integrated solutions

Complex Stakeholder Engagement

  • Open doors and have on Country conversations
  • Mapping social, cultural and relationship networks
  • Planning and delivering engagement strategies
  • Two-way First Nations engagement and participation
  • Government and agencies negotiation and problem solving

Project Management

  • Incubate and design projects and programs
  • Planning, contract and delivery management
  • Quality control and team leadership
  • Cost, risk and resource management
  • Project reporting, close out and lessons learnt

Community Engagement

  • Map and navigate valuable relationships and connections
  • Indigenous engagement, co-design and meaningful participation
  • Broader community engagement, co-design and meaningful participation
  • Consultation to gather input on specific project or initiatives

Capacity Building

  • Capacity building pathway and services
  • Strategic executive support to local community groups
  • Relationship management and development
  • Skills and knowledge transfer
  • Facilitating and coordinating forums, workshops and field days

Extension and Adoption

  • Best management practice
  • On ground engagement to bring about positive change and practice improvement
  • On ground training
  • Case studies and surveys

Management of Agriculture & Environmental Investments

  • Connecting investors to regional priorities
  • Alignment with Rangelands NRM Regional Plan
  • Integrated design and delivery of projects and programs
  • Bridging and connecting environment and agriculture
  • Crafting solutions for complex problems

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning and business case development
  • Landscape-scale and community based planning, resource alignment and coordinated delivery

Environmental Offsets

  • Management of industry offsets
  • Alignment with Rangelands NRM Regional Plan
  • Offset assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and compliance

ESG Projects and Investments

  • Scoping of client priorities and alignment with Rangelands NRM Regional Plan
  • Design, management and delivery of ESG investment projects

Drones and Digital – Technology

  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Drone surveys, training and monitoring
  • Satellite remote sensing

Digital platform for pasture management

  • Updates on emerging and evolving technologies
  • Business Management Plans
  • Holistic pastoral station business planning with full integration of production, finance, ecological goals and leading practices
  • Identification of alternative revenue streams and new markets

Climate Change

  • Drought and flood management planning
  • Culturally Informed fire management
  • Landscape scale soil, revegetation, rehydration planning and on ground works
  • Delivery of sustainable and regenerative Agricultural and Environmental programs
  • Delivery of Climate Mate program in Western Australia


  • Independent carbon project information
  • Carbon methods and updates

Biodiversity Assessments

  • Scoping and site surveys
  • On ground baseline assessments
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Alignment of reporting for certification

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

  • On country – boots on the ground to ground truth
  • Face to Face online
  • Virtual Herbariums, specific to monitoring sites on each lease, or as requested,
  • Drone survey, 3D photogrammetry infrastructure, erosion and vegetation monitoring, pasture as directed/requested,
  • Satellite remote sensing and monitoring, including NDVI and percentile ground cover,
  • Rangelands condition reporting, Two Tier monitoring, ground and satellite, inclusive of state-wide land system regional comparison reporting benchmarking to lease, paddock and land system level,
  • Design and report on key evaluation metrics
  • Fit for purpose to meet Australian and State governments agency requirements
  • Communications
  • Write, design and produce a range of communication materials for diverse audiences
  • Translate research, data and technical language into stories for a broader audience

Natural Resource Management

  • Biodiversity – flora, fauna landscape management
  • International priorities for World Heritage and Ramsar
  • National threatened species and threatened ecological community recovery planning and programs
  • Landscape ecology and agroecology planning
  • Land for Wildlife assessments
  • Soil, groundcover, forage assessments and management plans
  • Hydrology and rehydration assessments, plans and earthworks
  • Irrigated agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture
  • Coastal management and habitat restoration
  • Biosecurity planning
  • Feral and native invasive animals and weeds management
  • Culturally informed fire management plans and coordination
  • Culture and heritage integration
  • Information on carbon integration
  • Ecological road and track management
  • Food security mapping and planning
  • Indigenous ranger program development, engagement and participation