Community engagement is pivotal to success and lasting impact of any project. Ongoing management, buy in and support from all aspects of the community is essential. Indigenous engagement goes further than this as we work with traditional custodians to not only learn traditional land management methods so we can implement alongside modern scientific findings, but to support and empower their efforts to manage the land that is central to culture.

Ecological restoration works are essential to repair the damage done by humans, working to reverse the impact and reduce the spread across the rangelands. Reducing erosion, fires, floods, drought an allowing native species to return to their natural environment.

Climate resilience is the goal as we work together to reverse damage to rebuild a strong resilient diverse natural landscape that is more adaptable and helps to turn back the climate change clock.

Our 9 focus areas go hand in hand to drive our efforts, all infinitely interlinked in land management activity. Positive outcomes ensue in a broader sense as a result of efforts to improve these 9 environmental aspects, leading to a stronger natural environment that better supports all that lives on it.