Managing projects within the scale and diversity of the natural resources of the rangelands demands investment, experience, strategy and coordination.

Demystifying Carbon Webinar

Carbon farming in Australia is a growing industry and is making an important contribution to reducing emissions and meeting our international obligations to the Paris Agreement.

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Dampier Peninsula Fire Working Group

Rangelands NRM is coordinating the Dampier Peninsula Fire Working Group, which brings together Traditional Owners, ranger groups, government agencies, not for profit organisations.

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Reducing runoff and silt loads impacting the Shark Bay WHA

Climate change – resulting in more frequent flooding of the Wooramel River that leads into Shark Bay World Heritage Area (WHA) – may threaten the unique environment.

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Climate Mate

The Northern Australia Climate Program (NACP)  aims to improve seasonal climate forecasting to producers across Northern Australia and provide climate knowledge and information to help producers better manage climate associated risks.

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Communities protecting the values of West Kimberley Ramsar sites

Rangelands NRM will engage with eight community groups in order to achieve better collaboration to reduce the spectrum of threats posted to the Ramsar-listed Roebuck Bay and to a lesser extent, 80 Mile Beach.

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Reducing risks to malleefowl habitat across the WA southern rangelands

Through the Rangelands NRM Malleefowl project, Rangelands NRM will continue to support the initiatives and commitments of Traditional groups of the WA rangelands desert region.

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