Announcing Rangelands NRM’s 2022 Talkin’ Soil Health Champions – Chris & Jacqueline Henggeler of Kachana Station

August 16, 2022

The Henggeler family of Kachana Station, represented by Chris and Jacqueline, were chosen as the RNRM 2022 Soil Health Champions. They were recognised for their trail blazing efforts and achievements over the past 30 years, working to restore their property from desert to a green landscape with rehydrated soil, grass and perennial creeks.

The Henggeler family used a holistic method of high-density stock grazing and stockmanship management, to build and feed the soil at Kachana Station. This method allows healthy plants to grow and soils which capture moisture and absorb rainfall, in a positive and sustainable cycle of landscape rehydration and transformation.

The Henggeler’s story is told in the following film, which briefly captures their journey.

If you would like to reach out to Chris and Jacqueline to learn more about their innovative practices and achievements, please visit the Kachana Station website (

We hope that their story inspires you along a journey, in Chris’ words, of ‘Land Doctoring’.

Together, we need to make soil health a top priority across Australia, as healthy soil provides a strong foundation for productivity, resilience and prosperity for communities across the Rangelands and beyond.