July 2013
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Welcome to the July edition of the Rangelands NRM eNews.

We've been very busy these last couple of months with projects in sustainable pastoralism. A group of ten pastoralists from the WA rangelands have just returned from a visit to Queensland to learn how their counterparts are controlling grazing, pests and weeds. A trial has also commenced to examine the creation of a dog free ‘cell’ of properties in the Murchison region.

We're also excited to add another video to our YouTube channel. Watch 'The Art of Fire' Animation online now at www.youtube.com/rangelandsnrm.

Wishing you a great month ahead!


Teresa Belcher
Communications Manager


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Latest News

Renowned Indigenous artist’s book ‘The Art of Fire’ now in film

This month sees the launch of an animated film of Jimmy Pike’s book ‘The Art of Fire’. The illustrated book has been made into a DVD to help educate Indigenous rangers and school children about fire. The film includes animation of Jimmy’s illustrations, with an audio track translated into Manyjilyjarra, the prominent indigenous language of the Western Desert. The animations are interspersed with striking real-life video footage of fires being managed in the desert country. [Read more]


Queensland pastoralists share total grazing pressure experience with WA pastoralists

Pastoralists from the Southern Rangelands of WA visited south-west Queensland early July to meet with rural landholders to discuss actions about environmental issues and control of grazing, pests (wild dogs and kangaroos) and weeds.
The group of ten pastoralists were funded by Rangelands NRM to travel on the field trip to Charleville and Quilpie from 8 to 12 July. The group visited various stations in the area and met the Queensland locals who have formed a Collaborative Area Management Cell. This concept involves the control of wild dogs and total grazing pressure through the construction of an exclusion fence surrounding a cluster of properties. [Read more]

Kimberley land mangers gain useful insights following trials

Feedback from Kimberley pastoralists undertaking small land management trials indicates they have gained useful insights into various land management and land rehabilitation techniques. These projects, funded through Rangelands NRM, aimed to trial activities with environmental benefits as well as benefits to the pastoral business in terms of increased production, decreased costs or improved convenience or in other words win-win activities. [Read more]

Dog free cell trial commences in Murchison region

The Yalgoo Producers Group (Yalgoo PG) is undertaking a study to examine the creation of a dog free ‘cell’ of properties in the Murchison region. The group was formed in June 2012, with the aim of pursuing strategies that would lead to the re-establishment of a productive and sustainable small stock industry in the Yalgoo – Murchison area. The three-year study, with support from Rangelands NRM, Gallagher’s fencing, Elders and Southern Wire, and the potential involvement of MLA and CSIRO, will examine whether the dog free “cell” concept works in practice on a small scale. [Read more]


Indigenous peoples from around the world gather in Darwin to focus on land and sea management

The World Indigenous Network (WIN) conference drew together Indigenous peoples from all over the planet gather in Darwin late May to comprehensively focus on land and sea management. The aim was to provide a rewarding and enriching experience, ensuring that land and sea mangers from around the globe had an opportunity to contribute. [Read more

Desert Rangelands

Model for biodiversity conservation and Industry-Indigenous-Government-Pastoral partnerships established

Martu women rangers have been working on ground to help protect the natural biodiversity and cultural values on the Jundee pastoral lease near Wiluna in the Murchison. Working in collaboration with Rangelands NRM, the Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS), Newmont Asia Pacific (Jundee Operations) and Rex Ward of Millrose Station, the partnership has enabled Indigenous participation to be increased and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) integrated into the recovery of biodiversity values. [Read more]


Kalgoorlie Community Nursery Takes the Next Step

Support from Rangelands NRM WA has allowed the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG) to expand operations at its Karlkurla Park native plant nursery, benefitting both the local environment and the community. CEO of KBULG, Kim O’Reilly said funding provided by Rangelands NRM WA through the State NRM Office had enabled the appointment of an additional part time nursery coordinator. [Read more]

Feralscan website maps sightings of pest animals

FeralScan (www.feralscan.org.au) is a new community website that allows you to map sightings of pest animals and record the problems they are causing in your local area. FeralScan is freely available and can be used by farmers, local communities, Landcare groups, local government, pest controllers, schools and individuals anywhere in Australia. Data entered into FeralScan can be used to help coordinate on ground control to address the problems pest animals are causing in your local area and across the country. FeralScan provides websites for Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Camels, Myna birds, Cane Toads, Feral Pigs, Feral Goats, Wild Dogs and Starlings, and will soon provide websites for Deer and Feral Fish. [Visit Feralscan]

Other News

East Kimberley weed management success

Funding support during 2011/12 from State NRM WA enabled Ord Land and Water (OLW) to continue their successful weed control programs at Lakes Kununurra and Argyle in the East Kimberley. The noxious rubber vine Cryptostegia grandiflora was one of a number of Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) and ‘declared weed’ species that were targeted in the region. Dick Pasfield, Coordinator at Ord Land and Water said weed management programs are essential to protect the region’s biodiversity. [Read more]

MLA keeps focus on fire management

Understanding the role of fire management on northern pastoral properties is the focus of a new Research Development and Extension (RD&E) Plan being funded by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). Gay Crowley of Firescape Science leads the team that has been engaged by MLA to design this plan. The RD&E Plan will examine all documented uses of fire, including improving pasture condition, managing woody weeds and improving carbon storage. It will examine whether fire management options that have been well demonstrated in one area are applicable in other areas. [Read more]

New Stocktake Plus app for graziers

Calculating stocking rates and carrying capacity has become a bit easier thanks to a new smartphone application. The free Stocktake Plus app is designed to be a practical, work-anywhere (including outside telephone range), decision support tool. For a grazier standing in his or her paddock, the app uses GPS technology to assess and report the land type. Then, through a guided process, a grazier can use the app to monitor their soil, pasture and woodlands to come up with a recommended long-term carrying capacity and a seasonal forage budget. The Stocktake Plus app is available online or via the Apple and android app stores.

Staff Profile

Teresa Belcher - Communications Manager

Teresa has over 15 years’ experience in the communication of science, health and engineering projects. She has university qualifications in biology, environmental science and environmental management as well as a Masters in scientific communication. Teresa recently returned to her hometown of Perth after living and working in Canberra, Switzerland and the UK. She has a wide range of experience in corporate communication, public relations, journalism, web design and maintenance, new media, event management and training in both the public and private sectors. Teresa’s role as Communications Manager for Rangelands NRM is allowing her to combine her background and interest in the environment with her skills in communicating. Teresa is based at the Nedlands office in Perth. {Read more about Rangelands NRM Staff]


20 July, 12-4pm - Seminar 'The Pilbara Coast: Mangrove Ecosystems' - Port Hedland.Learn about the importance of mangroves as a coastal ecosystem. Presented by Nicole Wylie (Port of Hedland Port Authority) and Bob Richards (Greening Australia). Sealanes Facility. Contact Pip Short 0488 907 260 for more information

31 July-1 August - National Regional Landcare Facilitators meeting, Coolangatta

2013 WA State Coastal Conference - Esperance, 31 July - 2 August 2013. "Balancing Communities and Coasts" - Abstract Submissions close 5pm Friday 1 March. [More info]

19th Australasian Weeds Conference - Hobart, September 2014. Organisers are looking for suggestions for keynote speakers to present on weed issues in the environment and agricultural sectors, public and private sectors, or in any area that has some relation to weeds. Email Susan Ivory]

Grants and Funding

WA Environment Awards
Are you involved in flora and fauna conservation or wildlife rehabilitation? Are you working to conserve native bushland, wetlands or estuarine environments? Has your business implemented initiatives to minimise waste or implemented environmental sustainable practices? Why not nominate yourself or others in the 2013 WA Environment Awards! Entry is free and nomination forms can be filled out on-line. This year there are 11 categories. Nominations for the 2013 awards close on Friday 2 August 2013. [More info]

Feral Photo Competition
The search is on for Australia's best invasive animal photo! Entry is free and there are great prizes up for grabs. The Invasives Animals CRC are looking for photos showing pest animals living in the wild, the damage caused by pest animals, and also photos that demonstrate the various methods that are available for pest monitoring and humane control. Don't miss your chance to win! Competition closes 30 September 2013. For more information, visit the Invasive Animal CRC website.

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