Innovation Expos focus on pastoral profit

Three Innovation Expos - 'A New Lease of Life' will be held in the southern rangelands of WA between September and November to explore opportunities and technologies that will help revitalise the region.

New guiding principles for fire management in the WA rangelands

A new set of knowledge-based principles is now available to land managers to guide fire management in the rangelands of Western Australia.

Kimberley Ranger Forum a vital learning and connection opportunity

Around 200 Indigenous rangers and partners from around the Kimberley came together for a ranger forum last month to share knowledge and undertake training and workshops.

Nyangumarta Rangers training on country and celebrating IPA

Nyangumarta Rangers completed a site survey and began weed control work in preparation for an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) dedication ceremony near Eighty Mile Beach last month.

Shark Bay stakeholders collaborate on Gutharragudda Land and Sea Country Plan

Stakeholders in Shark Bay are near to completing the Gutharragudda Land and Sea Country Plan for the Malgana native title claim area of the world heritage precinct.

New fire staff a boost to Pilbara projects

Two new staff based in the Pilbara will see a boost to the fire management programs running in the region.

Continued support for Ngadju Conservation to protect biodiversity

Ngadju Conservation have received a further two years’ support to continue work on protecting the biodiversity of the Great Western Woodlands in Western Australia.

Kimberley partnership building Bunuba Healthy Country Plan

Stakeholders met last month to develop a Healthy Country Plan for Bunuba Country in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Enhancing the sustainable management of the WA rangelands though facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.