Spotlight on safety

Over the past year Rangelands NRM has made a significant effort and investment towards ensuring that all people working on a Rangelands project – both staff and our delivery organisations – have safety at the forefront of their minds.  We now have a number of measures in place including an on-line health and safety system which provides a fast and efficient way of recording things such as training and induction requirements and reported incidents so that we can provide the necessary evidence to WorkSafe.

These changes have also been implemented to ensure that Rangelands NRM and those we work with are complying with the law.  Currently we are working under the West Australian Occupational Health and Safety Act 1984 but within the next 12 months the state government will adopt the national safety act called the Work Health and Safety Act.  

This act makes it a lot more explicit that Rangelands NRM has a duty of care for all of the people working on a Rangelands project, regardless of the contractual arrangement or organisational structure.

For more information about what these changes might mean to you if you are working on a project with Rangelands check out the new Safety First portal on our website.