Risk and Insurance Guideline

Rangelands NRM is committed to supporting best practice business and governance

Having appropriate insurances in place is just one aspect of best practice business, risk management and governance.

Rangelands NRM is an Incorporated Association and as such we have the following insurances in place:

  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Accident – Volunteers
  • Associations Liability (Includes Directors and Officers as well as Professional Indemnity)
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Business Insurance

While we are unable to advise you of the relevant insurances your organisation or business may require you can seek advice from an insurance broker, or the following websites may be able to help guide your decisions.

Incorporated Associations:

Landcare Groups:

Community Environment Factsheet <download>

Workers Compensation Insurance <link>

Best practice for Incorporated Associations <link>

Best practice for businesses <link>