Safety Guideline

Rangelands NRM is committed to the safety of its employees and everyone working on our projects

Workplace Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. This includes Rangelands staff, contractors and sub-contractors working on our projects.

All Rangelands employees are inducted and adhere to our Safety Management System.

Delivery Organisations and contractors will be asked for evidence of a suitable Safety Management System. Once this has been provided and reviewed we can be satisfied that anyone working on the project will have their safety managed.

If you’re a Delivery Organisation or contractor doesn’t have a suitable Safety Management System in place we will ask that they to adhere to our system. This will include completing and induction and creating a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for the project activities you are delivering.

The WA government provide information and resources around Workplace Health and Safety at the following sites:

(updated 29-July-15)