WA State NRM funding announced

The State NRM has announced its next round of project funding - $3.4million committed to natural resource management supporting 122 community projects throughout Western Australia. Those in the rangelands region of WA are listed below. [Read the full list for all of WA]


Project title

Carnarvon Rangelands Biosecurity Association

Control of significant outlier infestations of strategically important WoNS weeds

Carnarvon WoNS control partnership 2014

Cactus control Marrilla (project one); cactus control Mardathuna (project two)

Central Desert Native Title Services

Protecting the biodiversity values of Windich Springs and its catchment through collaborative land management on the Canning Stock Route


Reviewing the impact of tourism on the whale shark population off the Ningaloo coast

Goldfields Land and Sea Council

Weed management in the Great Western Woodlands

Goldfields Nullarbor Rangelands Biosecurity Association

Mertondale / Menzies invasive cactus roundup

Nicholson Range Management Committee

Protecting the ecologically significant Nicholson Range in the Murchison from total grazing pressure

Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee

Tackling invasive WoNS in the Ashburton catchment

Tackling weeds on the Yannarie River

Rangelands Fibre and Produce Association

Control of significant outlier infestations of strategically important WONs weeds

Southern Gascoyne Group

Improving condition and reducing rainfall run off from stations surrounding the Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Track Care WA

Bringing life back to Katjarra

Upper Gascoyne LCDC

Upper Gascoyne erosion and sediment control demonstration