Completed Projects

Completed projects


  • Restoration and rehabilitation of Anne Street drain- Stage 2 [Read more]
  • West Kimberley LCDC Small Fitzroy Catchment Projects 
  • Increasing skills and knowledge for Aboriginal rangers to protect Kimberley Rock Wallabies [eNews-]
  • Protecting the ecological and cultural values of Roebuck Plains [eNews] [eNews-Jan14]
  • Roebuck Bay Working Group
  • Community engagement and protection of Ramsar values
  • Celebrate the Bay Day - National Science Week 2012
  • Roebuck Bay - Coastal rehabilitation works and protecting roosting bird sites 
  • West Kimberley Nature Project (Phase 3)
  • Gouldian Finch Habitat
  • 80 Mile Beach Feral Animals
  • Dampierland Invasive Weed Control 
  • Dampier Peninsula Fire Management
  • Identifying Indigenous environmental assets in the Dampierland & Central Kimberley IBRAs
  • Indigenous Fire Management for Biodiversity, Social Development and Carbon Abatement in the North Kimberley
  • Rubber Vine Eradication on the lower Fitzroy River (Willare)
  • Christmas Creek Rangelands Regeneration
  • Lawara Station, Christmas Creek Station, Bulka Station
  • EcoFire - Fire Management in the Kimberley
  • Community Management Planning for Invasive Species in the Ord River Floodplain    
  • Protection of the Lower Ord Floodplain Ramsar Site
  • Integrating Weed Management in the Ord Catchment
  • Fire Management - Christmas Creek (PJ099504) 
  • EcoFire (PJ09051) evolved to Ecofire (PJ110501,2,3)  
  • West Kimberley Nature Project (PJ09401) evolved to West Kimberley Nature Project Phase 3 (PJ110401, PJ111404, PJ111405)
  • Gooniyandi Wetlands and River (PJ09505)
  • Marion Downs Fencing (PJ09507)
  • TEK/Indigenous Engagement (PJ09508)
  • Fitzroy Catchment - FitzCAM (PJ09509)
  • Improving grazing management at Christmas Creek (PJ09514-1)
  • Erosion control workshops (PJ09514-2)
  • Control Fitzroy Mesquite population (PJ09514-3)
  • Nyikina River Stories No2 ((PJ09515)
  • 80 Mile Beach (DAFWA) (PJ09403)
  • Indigenous Rangers (PJ09404)
  • Dampier Peninsula Fire (PJ09405)


Desert Rangelands 

Southern Rangelands 

Landcare and Coastcare 

  • Landcare (General info)
    • Northern Rangelands
    • Central Rangelands
    • Southern Rangelands
  • Rangelands Coastcare
    • Signage and track management to protect Monsoonal Vine Thickets at Middle Lagoon
    • 80 Mile RAMSAR fencing on Frazier Downs
    • Cable Beach Turtle Nesting Education
    • Rosemary Island Turtle Tagging and Research Program
    • Shark Shield Device Trial to Minimise Bycatch

Sustainable Pastoralism 

  • Changing pastoral practices (Bestprac)
  • Pilbara Sustainable Agriculture
  • Indigenous Sustainable Pastoralism
  • Kimberley Grazing Land Management Workshop
  • Reducing Gully Erosion, Argyle Downs Station
  • Reducing Erosion from Fence Lines, Larrawa Station
  • Improving Bisecurity and Grazing Management Options, Country Downs Station
  • Improving Biosecurity and Grazing Management Options, Dampier Downs Station
  • Onground works - upper Gascoyne & Pilbara
  • Simultaneous Improvement of Cattle Productivity and the Natural Resource Base in the Murchison: Developing and Demonstrating a new paradigm of Grazing Management through Group Based Action Research