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Our online Regional Plan is now up and running (and announced last month). Please make sure you visit the site and follow the link to complete our feedback survey and go into the draw to win a mini iPad (drawn 1 August). Make sure you also have a look at our two animations that explain all about the plan and how to navigate and use it.  

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  • Opportunity for on-farm carbon farming demonstrations
    There is an opportunity coming up for a carbon farming demonstration and we are looking for expressions of interest from groups of pastoralists to get involved. The demonstration will involve carbon measurements in selected areas, and the impacts of management changes on carbon. Groups will be contacted directly, but if interested parties would like to feedback in the meantime, please contact Jane Bradley.
  • Update on Regional Workshops 
    We've now completed eight of the regional planning workshops with three more to go (Carnarvon, Cobra and the Desert Rangelands). The workshops have been attended by a wide range of stakeholder representatives who have good on-ground knowledge of the environment assets in their area, including pastoralists, government agencies, NGOs, Traditional Owner groups, local governments, landcare groups and development commissions.To date, approximately 271 assets have been nominated, ranging from wetlands and individual species like the Gouldian finch to productive land systems. Assets can be nominated at any time throughout the process and beyond using the asset nomination form available here or through Rangelands NRM.

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