General News

Media Releases and announcements sent from Rangelands NRM are below:

  WA’s NatureMap gets a big desert upload
  Rangelands eNews - Jan-Feb 2017
  Rangelands eNews - Nov-Dec 2016
  Media Release - Winners announced for 2016 kids’ outback photo competition
  Rangelands NRM eNews - Sept-Oct 2016
  Rangelands eNews - July-August 2016
  Carbon magazine showcases NRM collaboration
  Inaugural competition to showcase Pilbara’s stock handling skills
  Rangelands eNews - May-June 2016
  Rangelands partnership enables mapping of fire history
  Fire history map to help manage devastating wild fires
  Rangelands eNews - April 2016
  Rangers working together to build safe fire history
  Rangelands eNews - March 2016
  Rangelands eNews - February 2016
  Kimberley Traditional Owners protecting biodiversity and threatened Monsoon Vine Thicket
  Kimberley Rangers tackle cane toads
  Rangelands eNews - January 2016
  Efforts planned to preserve Kimberley bird habitat from invasive rubber vine
  Rangelands eNews - December 2015
  Ramsar-listed Roebuck Bay receives further support
  We have moved!
  Annual Report 2014-15 now available
  Rangelands eNews - November 2015
  Continued funding to protect endangered Ningaloo turtles from feral predators
  First round of projects to be funded in the GVD
  Winners of 2015 photo competition announced
  Crocs surveyed prior to cane toad arrival
  Southern rangelands stakeholders meet to explore new opportunities
  Rangelands eNews - October 2015
  Wiluna Country project continues to reduce critical threats to key fauna
  Rangelands eNews - September 2015
  Further support to save threatened species habitat from weed
  Continued support to manage desert country
  Innovation Expos focus on pastoral profit
  Continued support for Ngadju Conservation to protect biodiversity
  Rangelands eNews - April 2015
  Rangelands eNews - March 2015
  Rangelands eNews - February 2015
  Rangelands eNews - January 2015
  Rangelands eNews - December 2014
  Cane toads to get the boot in the Kimberley
  Rangelands eNews - November 2014
  Winners of outback kids’ photo competition announced
  Rangelands eNews - October 2014
  Rangelands eNews - September 2014
  Rangelands eNews - July 2014
  Rangelands eNews - June 2014
  Rangelands eNews - May 2014
  Rangelands Fire Forum - Outputs
  Rangelands eNews - April 2014
  International expert visits as part of new rangeland ‘self-shepherding’ discussions
  Rangelands eNews - March 2014
  Upcoming biodiversity research seminars in the Kimberley
  Rangelands eNews - February 2014
  Film - Ngurrawaana rangers controlling Parkinsonia
  Rangelands eNews - January 2014
  Rangelands eNews - December 2013
  Rangelands eNews - November 2013
  Film - Highlights from 5 years of Caring for Our Country
  2012-13 Annual Report released
  Rangelands eNews - October 2013
  Pilbara Corridors Biodiversity Scholarship
  Rangelands eNews - September 2013
  Rangelands NRM Perth office relocates
  Rangelands eNews - August 2013
  Southern Rangelands Big Bash
  Good Behaviour Week 26-30 August (Powerpoint available)
  Rangelands eNews - July 2013
  Rangelands eNews - June 2013
  Rangelands eNews - May 2013
  Rangelands eNews - April 2013
  Rangelands eNews - March 2013
  Kimberley 'rainforest' listed as endangered by Australian Government
  Rangelands eNews - February 2013
  Biodiversity Fund and CfoC Target Area Grants Open
  North-West road trip seeks communities for coastal projects
  Rangelands eNews - January 2013
  Asset nomination in the Rangelands region
  Project Expression of Interest
  Rangelands eNews - December 2012
  2011-12 Annual Report and Scorecard published
  Rangelands NRM School of the Air Photo Competition winners announced
  Rangelands NRM welcome National Wildlife Corridors Plan release
  Rangelands eNews - November 2012
  Many voices, one future - Adapting to climate change in northern Australia - 7 Nov 2012
  Fortescue River field day - providing land management solutions
  Big numbers for Australia's regional communities
  Rangelands eNews - October 2012
  Cattle, carbon, critters and culture - building a new rangelands
  Agricultural Pioneer to give field day talks in WA Rangelands
  Rangelands NRM supports WA pastoralists to learn about sustainable pastoralism
  State funding boost for Rubber vine eradication
  Murchison Museum wins grant to upgrade botanical walk
  Fortescue River catchment focus for six-year biodiversity project