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The Annual Report 2015-16 is now available to download (l ow resolution - 6.5MB ) or to read online 

You may also download each the key achievements of each region separately:



Annual Report 2014-15
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Key Achievements 2014-15 Key Achievements 2014-15 (1.7MB)

The Rangelands Roundup 
May 2013
 CfOC 2009-13 Final Report    


Archive Reports and Resources

Cover of Cane Toad Management Handbook

Cane Toad Management Handbook

March 2016 - This handbook was made for Kimberley ranger groups who want to learn more about cane toads and their options for management on country.

[Download pdf - 4MB]

Southern Rangelands Grass Guide 


October 2015 - A ‘Field Guide to Common Grasses of the Southern Rangelands’ is now available to help land managers better understand local grasses which would inform decisions about land and livestock management. Grasses, particularly perennials, supply year-round nutritional energy for livestock, but also have an important role in maintaining landscape function.

[Download pdf - 10MB]

Rangelands Coastcare Handbook

Caring For The Coastal And Marine Environment: A Guide For Active Conservation and Management of the WA Rangelands Coast.

This is a practical handbook for community members working to protect Western Australia’s beautiful and unique coastline. It provides ideas and technical information as a first point of reference for coastal and marine projects. Icludeds how to start a community group, manage a project and monitor a coastal area. 

[Download pdf - 2MB] 

Emerging Opportunities for Natural Resource Management

Coastal Camping Report [PDF 9.5MB]
The study reviewed the nature and spatial extent of coastal camping between Carnarvon and Ardyaloon on the Dampier Peninsula. It sought to reveal core challenges facing the ongoing management of coast camp sites and identifying opportunities for improved management of coastal camps.

Human Use of the Rangelands
Part 1 [Front PDF 9.0MB, Appendix PDF 1.1MB]
Part 2 [Pages 1-48 PDF 7.3MB, Pages 49-99 PDF 5.7MB]
The report summarises the major human activities that occur within the coastal and marine environment from Carnarvon to Port Hedland. It outlines local residents', visitors' and resource managers concerns about the management of the coastal and marine environment.

Pastures Condition Guide - Kimberley 2013   
This guide has been produced as a tool for assessing pasture condition over a range of pasture types in the Kimberley. A pasture type is a distinctive mix of plant species, soil type and landscape position. For example, the Mitchell Grass Alluvial Plain Pasture type is a mixture of Mitchell grasses and other species occurring on black soil alluvial plains. Pasture condition is an important factor affecting the potential of the rangelands for animal production and is a useful indicator for the sustainability of production. 

Lake MacLeod and Northern Ponds Catchment Report Card [PDF  6.7MB]
In 2005 a Regional Strategy document highlighted the Gascoyne-Murchison as a potential future investment opportunity and a range of actions at the catchment scale directly related to the management of up-stream impacts on Lake MacLeod were identified. This document highlights these recommended actions and notes what has been achieved thus far on committing to the recommendations highlighted in the regional NRM Plan.

Hamersley Fire Pilot Project [PDF 1.2MB]
The project was required to strengthen communication between corporate, private and government landholders for improved fire management of the Hamersley Range. Fire management in the area has generally been undertaken on an individual basis by landholders. Burning practices vary greatly in their timing, extent, method, and effectiveness.

Fitzroy River Catchment Management Plan [PDF 1.9MB] [Summary PDF 2.4MB]
The Fitzroy River and its catchment, is one of WA's last remaining areas that still retains its wilderness values.  It is one of northern Australia's largest and most significant free-flowing rivers. The development of the Catchment Management Plan was identified as a key step in ensuring sustainability of the river, its Indigenous values, its water quality and the overall ecological integrity of the catchment.

Kimberley Project 2009-2011 [PDF 2.8MB] 
For the 2009-2011 Caring for Our Country (CfoC) period, Rangelands NRM has projects that are working towards the CfoC targets in the Kimberley areas, this booklet addresses some of those projects.
Pilbara Project 2009-2011 [PDF 2.4MB]
For the 2009-2011 Caring for Our Country (CfoC) period, Rangelands NRM has projects that are working towards the CfoC targets in the Pilbara areas; this booklet addresses some of those projects.
Pilbara Sea Country Plan Report [PDF 0.7MB]
This Pilbara Sea Country Plan was developed from the realisation among Pilbara Traditional Owners that challenges affecting Indigenous rights and interests in the coastal and marine Pilbara region require a united and integrated Indigenous response

Kimberley Aboriginal Caring for Country Plan - Full Report [PDF 9.8MB] Appendices [2.5MB]
This plan was a collaboration between four regional Aboriginal organisations: the Kimberley Language Resource Centre (KLRC), the Kimberley Land Council (KLC), the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC) and the Kimberley Aboriginal Pastoralists Inc. It is a plan detailing the need to keep country healthy. This can be achieved through the elders, through language and through cultural activities.