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Rangelands NRM WA (ESKA) - Project Website

WA NRM Regions

State NRM Office
A portal for all major NRM groups (Government, Regions, Communities and Business) and activities and to keep people informed about Natural Resource Management.

Western Australian

Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management (UWA)
CENRM's vision is to be a leading force in the provision of knowledge necessary to better manage natural resources in Australia.

Delivers the latest authoritative information about the West Australian flora in accessible and interactive manner. It provides botanical information on all WA vascular plant families, genera and species.

IBRA in WA – Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia
Categorises the Australian continent into regions of likely geology, landform, vegetation, fauna and climate. 26 occur in WA.

INFERR (Investment Framework For Environmental Resources)
Framework designed to assist with decision making about public investment in the environment and natural resources.

Interragtor +
A site where spatial information held by private andpublic organisations in WA can be found and accessed. It is a directory of metadata for WA spatial data.

North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance - an alliance between Kimberley Land Council, Northern Land Council, Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation.

Produce maps, lists and reports of WA's flora and fauna diversity.

NRM – SLIP (Shared Land Information Platform)
Provides ready access to a wide range of spatial (mapped) data and information products through a portal. It enables users to discover, view and interrogate a set of NRM information products.

Roebuck Bay Working Group
Community Driven Management Planning to Protect, Restore and Maintain Roebuck Bay

The Rangelands Coastal Data Centre
This website contains a range of data describing the population and economy of the Rangelands region.  The site also provides information about the nature and location of human activities along the coast.

Northern Australia

Australian Agriculture and Natural Resources online searchable database.

Provides resources and curriculum support material for learning about, and how to sustainably manage Australia's tropical savannas. 

Landcare Australia
Partnership between the community, government and business to do something about protecting and repairing our environment.

NAILSMA (Northern Australia Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance)
NAILSMA supports Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander land and sea management using strategic approaches to care for country with an emphasis on practical management by Traditional Owners.

NRM Navigator
A set of tools and databases that make it easier for NRM professionals to find and share information.

North Australian Fire Information
Shows hotspots and fire scars of North West Australia, NT and Qld.

North Australian Land Manager
Provides information on the soils, pasture and plants and animals that need to be looked after, and on the problems land manager face such as wildfire, weeds and pests.

Prioritize NT
This section allows you to set Low to Extreme priorities for a range of primary criteria across the NT.

Savanna Explorer
Provides an overview of northern Australian's savannas.

Tropical Savannas CRC
Research on northern Australia region's plant and animals and land-management issues such as sustainable industries, fire weeds, water, vegetation and climate.


PestSmart Connect
A toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia.

Map of NRM regions in Australia
NRM Regions Australia is responsible for communicating with government on behalf of the 56 NRM regional bodies across Australia.

National Environmental Research Program
Biodiversity conservation in northern Australia through sound research and planning, innovative policy and collaboration.

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN)
TERN is delivering critical research infrastructure and supporting national and international networks of scientists, environmental managers and stakeholders, needed to improve understanding and management of Australia’s ecosystems.