Coastal Projects

 Working with Coastal Protection Groups

Rangelands NRM is a key supporter of the Roebuck Bay Working Group whose members work voluntarily together to protect, restore and maintain the extraordinary natural and cultural values of Roebuck Bay.  The Bay is a Ramsar-listed site in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Coastal Projects Coordinator

In late 2011, Rangelands NRM and Coastwest secured funding through the Caring For our Country (CFoC) program for a Coastal Projects Coordinator to operate in Northern Western Australia. This coordinator assisted community groups in obtaining funding through Coastwest Grants and assisted organisations in repairing those human uses currently having a negative impact on the rangelands coast through initiatives such as interpretive signage, track rationalisation, invasive species control, fencing and natural revegetation. They also worked on a series of Climate Change Vulnerability workshops in 2012-2013.



Caring For The Coastal And Marine Environment: A Guide For Active Conservation and Management of the WA Rangelands Coast.

This is a practical handbook for people working to protect Western Australia’s beautiful and unique coastline. It provides ideas and technical information for coastal and marine projects. It includes how to start a community group, manage a project and monitor a coastal area. (Download pdf)