Rangelands WA provides a wide range of opportunities for organisations who want to connect with local communities, NRM professionals and Government organisations.

We have a growing membership of NRM focused individuals and grass-roots networks throughout the region.

A number of opportunities exist at a local and regional level. For further information about possible partnership opportunities please contact Rangelands WA on 08 9485 8930.

Rangelands WA offer numerous benefits to partners including: 

  1. Achieves cost effective, on-ground outcomes across a large diverse area.
  2. Develops and enhances relationships with the Region’s community to identify NRM priorities at a grass roots level.
  3. By working closely with funders Rangelands WA are able to identify and capitalise on NRM funding opportunities.
  4. Provides a ‘conduit’ for development and a ‘voice’ for local community.
  5. Dedicates resources to projects based on NRM importance at a ‘whole of region’ level whilst targeting key strategic NRM in iconic areas.
  6. Provides marketing communications resources and expertise to maximise project exposure and the communication of positive outcomes.
  7. Foster partnerships with other organisations to achieve multiple project objectives and rich learning outcomes that can be transposed across different areas of the rangelands capitalising on knowledge management.
  8. A practical and balanced staffing structure which utilises experienced, skilled staff across numerous complex projects throughout the region.

Our Partners

Australian Government

State Government Agencies

  • State NRM Office
  • Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA)
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW)
  • Department of Fisheries (DOF)
  • Department of Water (DOW)
  • Department of Planning (DP)
  • Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA)
  • Regional Development and Lands (RDL)

Local Government

  • Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)

Community Groups and Industry Bodies

There are key ‘Reference Groups’ for each region that we operate in:

  • Ord Land and Water (East Kimberley)
  • West Kimberley Reference Group
  • Pilbara Reference Group
  • Gascoyne Catchment Group
  • Murchison Land Care District Committee (LCDC)

We also work with the following LCDCs and other community groups including:

  • Upper Gascoyne Land Care District Committee (LCDC)
  • Lyndon Land Care District Committee (LCDC)
  • Cue Land Care District Committee (LCDC)
  • DeGrey Land Care District Committee (LCDC)
  • Mid-west Sustainable Pastoral Group (Murchison & Yalgoo)
  • Rangelands Fibre and Produce Association (Mt Magnet & Cue)
  • Lake Argyle Rubber Vine Advisory Committee
  • West Kimberley Rubber Vine Steering Committee
  • Kimberley Rangelands Biosecurity Association

Research and Development Institutions

Indigenous Organisations  

  • Juluwarlu Groups Aboriginal Corporation (JAC) - Ngurrawaana Rangers
  • Kimberley Land Council (KLC) - Land and Sea Unit
  • Aboriginal Ranger Groups
    • Bardi-Jawi
    • Nyul Nyul
  • Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC)
  • Kimberley Language Resource Centre (KLRC)
  • Gumala Aboriginal Corporation
  • Yawoorroong Miriuwung Gajerrong Yirrgeb Noong Dawang Aboriginal Corporation (MG Corp)
  • Nyamba Buru Yawuru
  • Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation (YMAC)
  • Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ)
  • Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS)
  • Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation

Non-Government Organisations

Private Industry Organisations