Just over half the residents of the Gasocoyne sub-region live in Carnarvon, with other centres being Exmouth, Denham, Gascoyne Junction, Burringurrah and Coral Bay. It comprises the Carnarvon and Gascoyne IBRA bioregions.

The Gascoyne has a moderate arid tropical climate and is generally warm all year round. Annual rainfall is low and variable, most of which occurs as a result of cyclonic activity. Because of the semi-arid climate, most of the Gascoyne is covered in scrub, primarily spinifex and mulga, with very little tree cover.

The region boasts a diverse, balanced economy which is supported by a strong network of retail, administrative and trade services. The major industries are tourism, retail, horticulture, mining, fishing, and pastoralism.

Horticultural crops in the Gascoyne region include bananas, tomatoes, grapefruit, mangos, table grapes and a range of vegetables products grown along the Gascoyne River. Prawn, scallop, crab and wet line fishing operations are based in Carnarvon and Exmouth. Salt and gypsum are mined at Lake MacLeod, north of Carnarvon.

Tourism is an important industry, due to the warm dry climate and the long coastline, which includes the Ningaloo Reef and the Shark Bay World Heritage Site.