Spanning across the central-north of the rangelands region, the Pilbara covers approximately 500,000 square kilometres.The region lies entirely within the arid tropics and includes approximately 4,665 kilometres of coastline. 

With approximately 39,500 people living within the region the Pilbara accounts for approximately two percent of Western Australia’s population.

With natural landscapes dating back over two billion years, the Pilbara bioregion is characterised by vast coastal plains and inland mountain ranges with cliffs and deep gorges. Vegetation is predominantly mulga low woodlands or snappy gum over bunch and hummock grasses.

The Pilbara’s primary industries include mining and agriculture. Tenure comprises Aboriginal land, leasehold (for grazing cattle) and conservation reserves. The bioregion provides the majority of WAs exports in petroleum, natural gas and iron ore. Major population centres are Karratha, Port Hedland, Newman and Tom Price.