Our Projects

Sustainable use of the rangelands is critical to Western Australia's future. With proper management of these resources including land, water, biodiversity and marine biological systems, WA communities will continue to prosper economically, socially, culturally and environmentally.

Rangelands NRM WA's role is to coordinate and plan NRM activities across the region and bring together organisations and communities to deliver on-ground outcomes, either directly or in partnership with other organisations and turn priorities into action. 

Active Projects

Rangelands Wide


  • State of Environment Report - Shire of Broome    
  • Reducing nutrients entering Ramsar listed Roebuck Bay [eNews-Feb14] [eNews-Mar14] [eNewsAug14] [eNews-Sept14] [eNews-Oct14]
  • Protecting the ecological and cultural values of Roebuck Plains [eNews-Jan14]
  • Water Quality monitoring to protect Roebuck Bay
  • ESRM for Roebuck Plains and Myroodah  
  • Protecting Monsoon Vine Thickets on the Dampier Peninsular [eNews-Jun14]  
  • Fire management to protect Gouldian Finch habitat [eNews-Nov14]
  • Nutritional EDGE workshops 
  • Managing threats to protect the Purple Fairy Wren habitat [eNews-Aug14]
  • Cattle resonses to Ecofire as a management tool - demonstrating the benefits [eNews-Jan14]
  • Protecting Munkayarra Wetlands 
  • Developing NRM Opportunities in East Kimberley [eNews-Mar14]
  • Nyangumarta Ranger development [eNews-Sept14]
  • Rubbervine eradication in the Kimberley - East
  • Rubbervine eradication in the Kimberley - West 
  • Kimberley Cattlemen's association
  • Increasing Land Managers Capacity to Manage Rangelend Condition in the Kimberley and Pilbara
  • Protecting the Logue River
  • Kimberley Coastal Devolved Grants 


     Pilbara Corridors [Portal] [eNews-Sept14]

Desert Rangelands

  • Ten deserts coordination support 
  • Recovery of biodiversity on Jundee – Women's Ranger Group (stage 2) [eNews-July14]
  • Planning and Managing for Healthy Spinifex Country [eNews-Feb14]
  • Empowering martu women to manage their country [eNews-Dec14]
  • Supporting recovery of threatened species in Birriliburu and Kiwirrkurra [eNews-Mar14]    

Southern Rangelands

  • Protecting and conserving malleefowl in the GWW through capacity building of Ngadju Traditional Owners via training, on-country work and Conservation Action Planning [eNews-Jan14] [eNews-Aug14
  • Fighting Fires Fast - accelerating the establishment of the Ngadju Rapid Response Fire Brigade [eNews-Jul14] [eNews-Nov14]
  • Protecting significant sea turtle nesting rookeries on the Gnaraloo coastline WA, Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area [eNews-Feb14] [eNews-Dec14]   
  • Protecting threatened species in the Wiluna Region [eNews-Dec13]  
  • Shark Bay Land & Sea Country Management Plan [eNews-Oct14]
  • Shark Bay range condition improvement
  • Southern Gascoyne TGP Camera trial
  • Upper Gascoyne Catchment Erosion and Sediment Control Project [eNews-May14]
  • Protecting Karst Cave Communities
  • Gascoyne Catchments Forage Resource Evaluation
  • Increasing community knowledge of threatened species (KBULG) [eNews-Sept14]
  • Gascoyne Food Council Beef Marketing [eNews-Oct14]
  • Building capabilities of Yadgalah AC to administer NRM in Shark Bay [eNews-Jun14]
  • Murchison Region Vermin Cell Executive Support [eNews-Dec14]
  • Yalgoo Rangeland Restoration Strategy  
  • Protecting the ecologically significant Nicholson Range from Total Grazing Pressures 
  • Sustainable Production and Managing Rangeland Condition in the Central Rangelands 




  • Yindjibarndi Cultural Heritage and Conservation Co-ordination [Read more]
  • Managing Parkinsonia on the Fortescue by Ngurawaana Rangers