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Rangelands NRM WA is a non-government organisation which supports and encourages the sustainable use of our natural resources - land, flora and fauna, fresh water and coastal marine environment. Rangelands is responsible for the establishment, management, evaluation and communication of many natural resource management activities and projects.

Rangelands NRM is the largest of the 56 NRM regions in Australia. It covers around 85 per cent (2,266,000 sq km) of the WA State’s land mass, and 75 per cent of the coastline. Due to the vast size of Rangelands, community engagement is undertaken through seven recognised subregional areas: the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Murchison, Goldfields, Nullarbor and Western Desert.

Download the Rangelands NRM Prospectus: Working together to keep rangelands healthy