Landscape-Scale Projects (LSPs)

Landscape-scale projects (LSPs) are typically large (>100km2) natural resource management projects that encompass multiple tenures, outcomes, stakeholders and management regimes.  

LSPs are regarded to be important in making a difference in vast areas of the WA rangelands for the benefit of the people, the environment and the economy. In many instances it is the only viable option to delivering enduring land management outcomes.

Generally, LSPs require multiple strategies and actions to manage assets and mitigate threats to achieve desired outcomes.  

LSPs represent a paradigm shift in the way the rangelands are managed.  It is moving beyond the idea of one land owner being exclusively responsible for one set of actions on one area of land. It is bringing together a number of stakeholders to develop a common agenda and share resources to solve more complex problems.

Projects and News 

Designing, Implementing, and Monitoring Landscape Scale projects Workshop [Outputs from June-14 Meeting] 

Key stakeholders begin Pilbara landscape-scale conservation plan [April 2015 - Pilbara Corridors Project]

Stakeholders meet to discuss Wiluna region on a landscape-scale [Jan 2015]

Workshop explores practical aspects of Landscape-scale project  [July 2014]