Feral Animals

Rangelands NRM supports a number of projects to tackle the problem of feral animals. These include:

  • Cane toad management 
  • Endangered turtles being protected from feral predators (such as the European red fox) in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area 
  • Fortescue Feral Herbivore Management 
  • Rangers working on country addressing threats such as feral cats, wild dogs, foxes, donkeys and camels.



Feralscan – Help map feral animal sightings in your area. RabbitScan | WildDogScan | FoxScan | FeralPigScan | MynaScan | ToadScan | MouseAlert | CamelScan | FeralGoatScan | StarlingScan | FeralFishScan
PestSmart Connect – (formerly Feral.org.au) is a toolkit of information on best practice pest animals management in Australia. It has been developed by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre. 
Invasive Animals CRC – Australia's largest invasive animal research and management collaboration with 27 participating organisations.