Indigenous Projects

Rangelands NRM has been working with a number of Aboriginal communities and groups on a variety of projects to improve, enhance and protect the unique biodiversity and cultural values in their region.

We support active on-ground management of key threatened fauna species and priority biodiversity assets by Traditional Owners. 

We are working with Indigenous-run or managed pastoral stations, providing support with ESRM plan and we have been working with a number of groups to develop and advance Indigenous Ranger programs. 

Projects and News

Ranger Incubation Framework

Rangelands NRM has developed a ranger incubation framework – a step-wise tool to guide aspiring ranger groups through the ‘Discovering’ phase required before commencing the more focussed ‘Planning’ and ‘Doing’ phases of a ranger program. A ‘So, you want a Ranger Team’ poster has been developed to assist the process and explains the three phases – ‘Discovering’, ‘Planning’ and ‘Doing’. A forum was held March 2015 to share stories and information about the important steps in considering the formation of ranger programs to strengthen caring for country activities. [eNews-April15]

Western Desert

Traditional Owners are working to support rare and threatened fauna in remote Western Australia through combining traditional knowledge with contemporary science.

The Central Desert Native Title Service (CDNTS), are focusing on the management of key threatened fauna species and priority biodiversity assets in the Birriliburu and Kiwirrkurra Indigenous protected areas. The project focuses on a number of threatened fauna species – the crest-tail mulgara, greater bilby and the greater desert skink – as well as significant natural and cultural areas.
[eNews-Mar14] [eNews-Dec13] [eNews-May13] [eNews-Oct12] [Media Release Sept15

Also working with CDNTS, the women of Wiluna have been engaged to provide environmental services that will support the recovery of the Jundee pastoral lease.
[eNews-July14] [eNews-June15] [Media Release-Oct15] 

Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) has been working with traditional owners to develop their capacity to address broad scale fires that have the potential to burn wildly across wide areas of the desert. [eNews-Sept13] [eNews-Dec14] [eNews-Dec15] [eNews-Feb16]

The Pila Nguru Aboriginal Corporation are assist the Spinifex community in the Great Victorian Desert to create a Healthy Country Plan. The plan will identify management strategies and actions for threatened species including Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata) and the Southern Marsupial Mole (Notoryctes typhlops) both currently and historically known to occur within Spinifex Country. [eNews-Feb14


Bunuba Rangers

The Bunuba Rangers are working to control weeds that are choking the habitat of the precious and endangered Purple-crowned fairy wren along rivers and creeks in Bunuba Country in the Kimberley. [eNews-Aug15] [eNews-Nov15] [eNews-Dec15]

Kija Rangers fire managementKija Rangers

Kija Rangers are working with the Kimberley Land Council Fire Management Team to implement fire breaks to protect known areas of habitat of the endangered Gouldian Finch and Purple-crowned Fairy-wren. The Rangers are also engaged in a rubber vine weed eradication program. [eNews-Nov14] [eNews-Jan16] [ eNews-April16]

Nyangumarta RangersNyangumarta Rangers

The Nyangumarta Ranger group was formed in late 2014 to help manage the Eighty Mile Beach Marine Park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.  [eNews-Dec15] [eNews-Aug15] [eNews-Jan15] [eNews-Sept14]


Ngurrawaana Rangers

The Ngurrawaana Rangers have undertaken significant work to control the weed parkinsonia in the Fortescue River catchment's Leramugadu Lease. [eNews-Dec13] [eNews-Aug13] [eNews-Oct14]

Tom Price Rangers 

We are in a two year partnership with the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) to promote the establishment of the Aboriginal Ranger team. Recruitment of a Ranger Coordinator was the first step in the establishment of a Ranger Team that will focus on the management of key threatened fauna species and priority biodiversity assets in the area. [eNews-Apr14] [eNews-Oct14]  

Pilbara NRM Indigenous Training

The 'Pilbara NRM Indigenous employment and training strategy' is a project facilitated by Rangelands NRM to identify NRM Indigenous employment and training information and make it easily accessible to stakeholders and to coordinate employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people. A workshop was held at Peedamulla Station and a brochure 'Pathways to a career on the land' was produced. [eNews- Oct13] [Project info]

 Southern rangelands

Ngadju Conservation

Members of Norseman’s Ngadju community are working on a project to protect and conserve the vulnerable malleefowl and care for key sites in the Great Western Woodlands of WA. Managed by Gondawna Link, the project aims to build the capacity of the Ngadju community to manage their traditional lands, including the protection and conservation of threatened species, with an initial focus on malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata), a ground dwelling bird with a ‘vulnerable’ conservation status. [eNews-March13][eNews-Jan14]  [eNews-Aug14] [eNews-May 2015] [eNews-Aug15]  [eNews-March16]. The group are also actively undertaking bush fire training. [eNews-Jul14] [eNews-Nov14] [eNews-July15

Shark Bay Land and Sea Country Plan

Rangelands NRM are engaged with a local Aboriginal group from Shark Bay to deliver a Land and Sea Country Management Plan for the traditional owners of Shark Bay, the Malgana People. [eNews-Jun14] [eNews-Oct14] [eNews-Aug15

Protecting threatened species in Wiluna region 

A project in the Wiluna region is bringing multiple partners together to manage key threatened animals (such as malleefowl, crest-tail mulgara and the greater bilby), protect habitat and share skills and resources in the interest of sustainable landscapes and communities. [eNews-Dec13][eNews-June15]

Cultural Corridors for Carnarvon Community

Concept plans for transforming the old Aboriginal reserve in Carnarvon to a cultural parkland were created with consultation with the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation. [eNews Oct 2013]


Indigenous projects showcases
Ngadju Fire Training June 2014 

Waru, kuka, mirrka wankarringu - lampaju (Burning, bushfoods and biodiversity)

On Country - Ngurrawaana Rangers

On Country in the desert rangelands