Rangers working together to build safe fire history

Indigenous Rangers will be undertaking mosaic burns over the next two years to protect the habitat of endangered birds in the East Kimberley.

Combined effort to curb feral pig threat in the Kimberley

The AWC is working with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to develop strategies for an integrated regional approach to reduce feral pig densities in the Kimberley.

Science on the Broome Coast talks begin

The 2016 Science on the Broome Coast series commenced this month, providing the community and visitors the opportunity to hear about the fascinating research underway along the Kimberley coast.

Kimberley pastoralist shares 'web of life' insights from international conference

Kurt Elezovich of Country Downs Station in the Kimberley participated in the 2016 BEHAVE Conference in Dubbo in last month

Wetland rehab work proving a success

The Rehabilitation work undertaken in February to protect a seasonal wetland in the West Kimberley is already showing positive results.

Early results in on how cattle responds to prescribed burning

An investigation into how cattle interact with early season burn practices and the resultant regrowth is nearing completion.

Communication conference links science and the wider world

Effective communication is vital especially when we have such a diverse range of stakeholders working the rangelands of WA.

Enhancing the sustainable management of the WA rangelands though facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.