Knowledge of threatened cave dwellers increased

Scientists have been undertaking work to increase their knowledge of threatened species living in underground caves in the north-west rangelands of WA.

Keeping a watch on cacti in the Pilbara

A coordinated effort is helping to address infestations and further spread of cacti throughout the Western Pilbara.

Fire management reverses the decline of the Gouldian Finch

Scientists have found direct evidence that grass seed-eating birds are sensitive to the repeated extensive, intense fires that currently affect northern Australia, but with implementation of appropriate fire management, it is possible to reverse the decline in health of their populations.

Tjuntjuntjara community discuss Spinifex Healthy Country Plan

The Spinifex People are driving development of a Spinifex Healthy Country Plan (SHCP) which will provide them with a detailed Land Management Program for rangers to look after Country.

Rangers undertake turtle monitoring in the Kimberley

Nyangumarta Rangers in the Kimberley undertook turtle monitoring as part of their ranger training late last year.

Rangeland carbon – what’s happening in the outback?

Extensive, land system-based soil sampling and vegetation measurements have been carried out across the Murchison and Pilbara regions of WA to estimate carbon stocks and study its distribution across the landscape.

Stakeholders meet to discuss Wiluna region on a landscape-scale

Stakeholders working in the Wiluna region gathered together late last year to discuss development of a plan for future collaboration.

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