Fire history map to help manage devastating wild fires

The extension of a fire history map across the entire rangelands of Western Australia, will provide up-to-date information to help manage the devastating fires that impact on lives, businesses, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Handbook to help rangers manage cane toad advance

The Cane Toad Management Handbook was launched this month, providing a comprehensive tool for rangers to manage the threat of cane toads as they advance through the Kimberley.

Rangelands partnership enables mapping of fire history

Multiple partners have come together to enable the extension of a fire history map across the entire rangelands of Western Australia.

Pilbara stakeholders unite in conservation planning

The next phase of the Pilbara Corridors’ Conservation Action Planning (CAP) process is now underway and will identify priorities and establish working groups to implement management actions. The CAP process aims to develop and maintain a collaborative, long-term conservation strategy for the Pilbara Bioregion.

Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman’s Association showcases innovation

Two innovation forums were run by the Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman's Association (KPCA) last month, to inform pastoralists of latest innovation and best practice for beef businesses in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions.

Reflections tour provides benefits to land and enterprise

A three and a half day tour throughout the southern rangelands last month informed pastoralists of the types of land management work undertaken in their region and its benefit to land and enterprise.

Endangered Pilbara quolls spotting during weed control work

Motion sensor cameras set up along the Fortescue River in the Pilbara have been successful at detecting the presence of the threatened Northern Quoll.

Upper Gascoyne pastoralists explore sieve filter structures

Land managers in the Upper Gascoyne recently met to learn about a variety of techniques for controlling erosion.

Enhancing the sustainable management of the WA rangelands though facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.